Back to work! Since the last post (over a month ago!) I’ve been enjoying a bit of time off and settling into my new job. It’s been great (and felt short!) but it’s now time to get back into the routine. Using Noto on my vacation in Fuerteventura Fuerteventura is a wild and…
Notes are safer under your Google account and Topics are easier to use and understand
Addressing the main pain points from the alpha user test
The reasoning behind Noto's roadmap
I’ve been super busy with different things going on in my life… So it’s just a quick teaser this time! As you can see in the GIF above I am working on a…
Helping you say "no" to less valuable work so you have time for what you really want
Ten minutes of my face in exchange for an alpha invite. Deal?
With SO MANY to-do and note taking apps, you would think there's no space for another one. BUT most of them are bad: Too complicated, too slow, too…
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