First tour of Noto + Alpha invites!

Ten minutes of my face in exchange for an alpha invite. Deal?

This week’s newsletter comes with a surprise, especially for those that know how little I like to see my face and hear my voice: A 10-minute video where I talk about the vision behind Noto, the pillars I’m following, and a tour of the current alpha version:

(Feel free to watch in 1.5x speed, I won’t be offended!)

My focus these weeks is to keep polishing the alpha for you and the small group of testers that will see Noto for the first time. It’s still super early, it’s still not good enough, but it’ll be just okay to start gathering some feedback and ideas.

Interested in testing from next week? Reply to this email with just two things:

  • Whether you will test on iOS or Android

  • The e-mail address where you want to receive the invite

That’s all. Thanks! ✌️