Noto: A chat with your second brain

With SO MANY to-do and note taking apps, you would think there's no space for another one.

BUT most of them are bad: Too complicated, too slow, too expensive, and designed with weird use cases in mind.

With SO MANY to-do and note taking apps, you would think everyone has already found their favorite.

BUT most people are still using paper, post-its, or (very common!) sending messages to themselves!

I've been frustrated with this for a long time.

Recently I'm starting to see hope with a new wave of apps like @RoamResearch, but those are still too heavy and complicated.

I need something for my day-to-day: Something as simple as sending a WhatsApp to myself, but powerful enough that it really helps my productivity. How would that look like?

Imagine a chat thread with your second brain: Dump everything in there, and it'll help you make sense of the mess.

No titles, no folders, no categories... Just your thoughts, in a beautifully organized mess.

That's what I'm trying to build since last year.

I'm on my third prototype, and I think this is the good one. It's still VERY early, but I feel confident enough to share it with a small circle of people.

Would you like to join?

I have the first alpha in my phone and I’ve been using it for some weeks now.

I want this build to be the first for some volunteers to test. It’s very early, it’s missing some of the key features, but it’s better than sending messages to yourself in WhatsApp. That could be enough for now :)

Now I’m working on some infrastructure to be able to easily create builds and share them with a group of internal testers. When that’s done, I’ll start sending the invites!

Thanks for being there ❤